Who are we?

Ali Fraser photo

Alistair Fraser

Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Director of the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research

University of Glasgow

Formerly a youth worker and police analyst, Alistair studies the interaction between youth culture and criminal justice, particularly in urban settings.  He is the author of Urban Legends: Gang Identity in the Post-Industrial City (OUP, 2015), which received the British Society of Criminology book prize for 2016, and Gangs & Crime: Critical Alternatives (Sage, 2017). From 2017-2018, he was one of the BBC’s ‘New Generation Thinkers.’

Keir Irwin-Rogers photo

Keir Irwin-Rogers

Lecturer in Criminology

The Open University

Keir’s primary research interests centre on the happiness, health and well-being of children and young people, with a particular focus on developing policy and practice to reduce levels of violence in their lives. Keir acted as lead criminologist to the cross-party Youth Violence Commission and co-authored the Commission’s final report. He has advised various social media companies on their safeguarding policies and provided evidence to a number of Parliamentary committees.

Susan McVie photo


Chair of Quantitative Criminology at the School of Law

University of Edinburgh

She is Director of the Understanding Inequalities project and Co-Director of the Administrative Data Research Centre Scotland, both of which involve extensive analyse of large scale quantitative datasets. She is Co-Director of the Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime, one of the largest and longest running longitudinal studies of its kind internationally. She is also a founding associate of the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research.

Tim Newburn photo.jpg

Tim Newburn

Professor of Criminology and Social Policy

London School of Economics

Prior to joining LSE he was Joseph Rowntree Professor of Urban Social Policy at Goldsmiths, University of London and Director of the Public Policy Research Unit (1997-2002). Tim’s research has spanned a number of areas including policing, restorative justice, youth justice, drugs and alcohol, comparative policy making and urban violence. He was the LSE’s lead on Reading the Riots, their prize-winning research with the Guardian on the 2011 disorder, and with Professors David Downes and Paul Rock is currently working on an Official History of Criminal Justice.

Fern Gillon Picture.png

Fern Gillon

Research Associate

University of Glasgow

Fern is an early career researcher whose interests centre on the Scottish Youth Justice system, the impact on and experiences of those involved, as well as the practice, processes and interventions. Fern is particularly interested in developing creative, participatory research methods which empower children and young people. Her PhD explored how and why decisions are made in the context of ‘Early and Effective Intervention’ (EEI).

While also working on the PHYVR project, Fern is a Research Associate at the Children and Young People's Centre for Justice (CYCJ) at Strathclyde University.

Luke Billingham photo

Luke Billingham

Research Associate

The Open University

Luke Billingham is a Research Associate on the project, focused on the implementation of public health approaches to violence reduction in London. Alongside this, Luke is a youth and community worker at Hackney Quest, a long-running grassroots charity in Hackney, where he is involved with mentoring, exclusion prevention, youth voice and community research projects. Luke co-authored the 2020 cross-party parliamentary Youth Violence Commission final report, along with Keir Irwin-Rogers and Muthoo Abinay.